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How to take care of your FRAU shoes


Here are a few tips to help you take care of your Frau shoes and keep them like new for a long time.

Never wear a pair of new shoes more than two/three hours on the first day, three/four hours on the second day, four/five hours on the third day and so forth until your foot has become completely adapted to the shoe and you are then ready to wear them all day long. Take a break of at least twenty-four hours when wearing the shoes to allow them to rest. Do not wear the same shoes for two days running. Use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. This will increase the life of the counter, the insert in the heel between the lining and the upper.

Use insoles to lengthen the life of your shoes by absorbing moisture from the foot. However, it is important to always remove the insoles from the shoe so they can dry out and breathe. You can prevent creases in the leather by inserting a shoetree after you wear them, suited for the size of the shoe. We also advise using a shoetree for shoes that will not be worn for a long time.

Do not dry wet shoes too near to sources of heat. The leather will dry too quickly and become hard and cracked. Place the shoe vertical with the toe on the floor, insert paper inside the shoe and let the paper absorb the moisture.

To properly maintain your shoes you must first check the material they are made of:  full grain leather, nubuck, canvas… Every material needs a specific product.

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