A Story of Shared Values

We’ve decided to support a leading Italian company that is based in Verona, just like us: Quid.

Our Shared Values

It all started with a visit to the production site of Quid - an ethical, creative and inclusive company, one of the most important sustainable clothing companies in Italy - and with our shared vision.

Respect for People and the Land

Quid is a social enterprise with over 130 employees, the majority of whom have a history of precarious work. It is a fashion brand with a natural passion for beauty and social, creative and circular innovation. Here at Frau, we’re aware of the impact our business can have, from both a social and environmental perspective, and we strive every day to promote harmony between our manufacturing and the social and physical environment that surrounds us.

Italian Supply Chain and Production

Both our companies were founded in Italy and proudly advance quality Italian production. One of the pillars of Quid is the circular economy. To date, over 1,500 km of recovered fabric has been given a new life, 90% from Italy. Here at Frau, we put time and attention into selecting the raw materials and strive to ensure a short supply chain, which supports Italian companies, to reduce our impact as much as possible.

Female Empowerment

We believe in female talent and strength. Most of the people working at Quid and Frau are women and they, with their expertise and craftsmanship, are invaluable assets. We believe in work that enhances people’s talents, as a way to bring about change, dignity and independence.

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